Gunsmith FAQs

  • Do you do transfers?

Yes. I do transfers for $15.00 cash/$20.00 credit card. Have your seller email me at gunsmith@carolina-gunworks.com and I will send them the information to transfer the firearm. When I receive the firearm we will contact you and make arrangements for you to pick it up.

  • Do you sell guns?

No, I only repair and restore, customize firearms at this time

  • Will you cut an 80% receiver?

Yes, with the Federal firearms laws changing, I will cut an 80% receiver to meet Federal law. That includes putting a serial number on it and qualifying the owner with a background check. A permit or a NC CCH license is required.

  • Where is your shop located?

I work out of my home which is located in Four Oaks, North Carolina. My hours of operation are Friday 10am to 7pm. I do take appointments for other days in the evening. Please contact me to make those arrangements. 919-357-2075

  • What is your labor rate?

My labor rate is $50.00 hr. I do offer some flat rate services such as firearm cleaning.

  • Do you sell ammunition?

No, we do not sell ammunition at this time.